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Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

[HOT] Nitro^™ CHROME CFW for Nokia 5233 | 5232 | 5228 | 5230 | 5800 | 5530 | C6-00

Hi guy's this CFW is the most elegant and bug free that i am using i used this at my 5230Xm love it. try this guy's

Big Credits to sir Jaorosario for making this mod possible and shared with you guys.

Before Pceeding Learn how to flas first:click here.
Lets start:

Changelogs from Metal:

-Final effects "Nitro^ Chrome Exclusive" credits to Ermsk8r/sooy..

Thanks for the effort bro!!
-new input indicator on messaging
-ram on startup = 61mb
-ram after heavy usage = 50 to 56mb
-New themes credits to refsuj06 for editing, drigz for the base theme, and me for the background
-battery mod with a touch of speed. Credits to djraz, ken, and 000rohit.
-battery Electric icon from djraz
-Perfect Shiny Anna and N9 icons mixed by me
-integrated file browser
-now mp3 files can be only read in E: Music
-superb start up
-gallery delete button fixed with sbelle navibars
-now opening on apps are much faster.
-now you can make your own bootscreens
put your startup.gif, startup.mp3, shutdown.gif and shutdown.mp3 on e:boot

-reserved 5mb space on c after flash

-message viewer is set to small by default
-java permission mod (always allow)
-Touch vibrations is back Exclusive edited to make battery friendly.
-brightness option mod by dan-av
-press"0" to make bluetooth on
-new notification widget Anna Icon
-new calls person backgrounds (alien chrome) Exclusive!!
-must see!!! new splash Created by Therick.. Thank you so Much bro!!

previous updates:

November 2011

-fully filtered the Symbian Belle and Navi bars and keys

-camera tap/touch is now working
-there is no bug in deleting mp3 files
-Full Customized startup and shutdown screens
-my own HS widget arrangements
-Full N9 icons by vova1609
-Alphanumeric mod by Dan av
-Smileys fixed by notr3v3
-6th page smileys on messsaging
-4*4 menu grid
-TV effects by gagan
-Metal theme by Daeva by default edited by me to make default icons cleared
-swipe screen to clear the screen
-5 additional shorcut bars on HS
-N8 rotation speed
-USb named after Nokia Nitro^
-default profile is Nitro^
-default bluetooth name is Nitro^
-Fixed Symbian Belle HS and Navibars credits to Notr3v3
-Downclocked to 75% to save battery life
-Rompather is integrated with Anna Icon with additional patches
-Memcheck is integrated with anna icon
-Auto installer is integrated
-Nokia Notifications with anna icons
-writing speed set to max
-Tap to unlock
-Faster scrolling in music player
-My menu layout
-Music and playback volume is increased
-N8 touch Sence Belle
-Open and Close Apps Speed by djraz
-Short multi tap
-Show sim Contact by default
-UI n8 accelaration mod
-Shutdown and restart logos
-Theme preview is decreased

October 2011

-N9 icons by vova1609

-injected installserver by VOVA1609
-Fully hacked without built in errors
-Chaged the startup and shutdown Screens
-Rompatcher integrated
-Pure font with smileys in 6th page
-Stop Nokia sms mod
-Writing speed set to max
-breathing lights off by default
-disable vibration on lock/unlock
-swipe HS clean
-TV effects by gagan
-application policy mod
-great battery life
-removed message lag
-ram saves after exit on camera
-megastart up mod
-prevents apps in running in background
-improved ui games and performance
-improved rotation speed
-improved heap size
-improved wifi sensitivity
-cache in all drives for much faster performance
-Auto Installer integrated (you can download my extra files. Put thinkchange folder to drive E and run auto installer)


For 5800 v60 Latest Firmware or Below

Nitro^™ Chrome 5800 RM-356 v60 Core and R0fs2


For C6-00 v41 latest Firmware or Below

Nitro^™ Chrome C6-00 RM-612 v41 Core and R0fs2

Nitro^™ Chrome C6-00 RM612 v41 R0fs2 (11-26-11)


For 5530 v40 Latest Firmware or Below

Nitro^™ Chrome 5530 v40 RM-504 COre and Rofs2 (BETA)

Update: 12-14-11
Nitro^™ Chrome 5530 v40 RM-504 COre and Rofs2 (BETA 2)


For 5233, 5232, and 5228 RM-625 v50 and Below

Nitro^™ Chrome 5233 Rm-625 Core and R0fs2


For 5230 Rm-588 v50 and below

Nitro^™ Chrome 5230 Rm-588 Core and R0fs2



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